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Welcome to Palm Wash!

Palm Wash began because I was tired of sub-par quality and even worse customer service. If you are reading this, you probably agree that it is time for the detail industry to be more professional. Here at Palm Wash, we believe in providing unparalleled service for you and your vehicle. During each service, we treat your car as if it were our own.

We focus on training, which means that every time we arrive, there is a Certified Detailer there to make sure the job is done right, every time. We promise never to sell something that we do not believe in or that we would not do to our vehicles. We will also not oversell you on services that will not benefit you.

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Any of our Exterior Services can be mixed and matched with our Interior Services to form your ideal detail. 

Exterior Automotive Details

Every vehicle can benefit from professional detailing; whether it is brand new, a few years old, or even older. Certified detailers perform our Exterior Detail with the utmost care. We recommend having the Platinum Exterior Detail performed as a base level service and as needed. Following up with our maintenance wash once a month or our exterior detail once every three months are great ways to ensure your vehicle stays its best for years to come.

These Exterior Details come with a variety of paint protection levels. The maintenance wash comes with 45 days of protection, the Exterior detail comes with 90 days of paint protection, and the Platinum Exterior Detail includes six months of paint protection. We also offer coating services. Our extended paint protection packages make maintenance easier which means savings are passed on to you when signing up for a recurring service. 

1967 Nova Soaped Up For a Wash

Tier One Service

Maintenance Wash

Our maintenance wash is designed for customers who have already had a detail performed or for customers who are looking for an economical way to properly clean and protect their vehicle. This service is not designed to correct any concerns. Our Maintenance wash is done with the same care and attention as we put into our car collections. Pricing starts at $100.

1992 Ford Mustang post exterior detail

Tier Two Service

Exterior Detail

Would you like the exterior of your car cleaned and protected but not worried about correcting scratches, removing embedded contamination, or anything on the interior? This package is the one for you. Designed for clients who do not need or want corrective measures but still want a proper detail done. Pricing starts at $150.

2016 BMW i8 Paint corrected

Tier Three Service

Ultimate Exterior Detail

Our Ultimate Exterior is designed as an excellent initial detail or for clients who want their vehicles to look better than the day they purchased it. Our Ultimate Exterior includes parts of the interior, as well as a higher level of protection. Pricing starts at $425.

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Interior Automotive Details

The interiors of vehicles can be a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. Having the interior of your vehicle cleaned regularly will reduce the risk of airborne illnesses. Also, its just nice to have a clean interior. We use only the best environmentally friendly products to clean your interior. Because we use these high-quality products, we can achieve an excellent result without a harsh chemical smell. Our customers will tell you our interior detail is second to none!

Tier One Service

Interior Spruce

Our Interior Spruce is designed to get your vehicle a quick interior clean up. This service is a maintenance service intended as a follow up to our Interior detail or our ultimate series detail. This service is also well suited for vehicles that have no kids or pets riding inside. Pricing starts at $100.

Tier Two Service

Interior Detail

Our interior detail is a good compromise between our interior spruce and our platinum interior detail. We wanted to make a package that bridged the gap between both cost and service offering. Pricing starts at $150.

Tier Three Service

Ultimate Interior Detail

Our Ultimate Interior detail provides an unsurpassed level of cleaning and protection. We are uncompromisingly thorough when performing this service. Every crack, crevice, nook, and cranny meticulously cleaned until all dirt, debris, and grime are gone. This service is intended for customers who want the ultimate cleaning. Pricing starts at $350.

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Complete Automotive Details

If need both the interior and exterior of your vehicle detailed we have you covered. You can select from one of our packages that offer different levels of cleaning, correction, and protection. If you have reviewed our packages online; and determined you would like some variation of the services above, no worries. You can mix and match interior and exterior services to make the perfect detail for you! 

If you have a new vehicle, classic, or exotic car, we highly recommend our Ultimate Protection package as it is the best way to protect your investment. Whether you purchased your vehicle for a collection, the track or daily driving your car will thank you! 

Tier One Service

Mini Detail

Our Mini Detail is an excellent maintenance service for customers who have kids and pets that regularly ride in the vehicle. Our Mini Detail is best suited for a recurring service every four weeks. Compare this service to most other places complete details. Pricing starts at $165.

Tier Two Service

Complete Detail

Our Complete detail combines both our interior and exterior details to form an all-encompassing service. Our complete detail service cannot be compared to a full detail you would receive at a car wash, it is far above and beyond. This due to our attention to detail and unmatched quality. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail that we pay to every client's vehicle. This service should be completed quarterly or as needed. We recommend having our maintenance services completed in between. Our Complete Detail starts at $275.

Tier Three Service

Ultimate Protection Detail

Our Ultimate Protection Detail is an excellent service to make sure your vehicle stays protected for years to come. We recommend this service on all automobiles especially new cars as is preemptively protects every surface on the vehicle making maintenance safer, easier and helping your finish last longer. When performing this service with subsequent follow up services, by us, we guarantee you will not have any issues with etching, or other paint defects. Unfortunately, we can not safeguard against scratches, but we can fix them as they occur. We will also protect against stains from setting into the carpet and trim from fading over time. Pricing for our Ultimate Protection Detail starts at $725.

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