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Quality Services For All Customers

Professional Marine Detailing

Whether you boat for fun or for your livelihood, taking care of your boat is very important. Boats are expensive to purchase and maintain, especially because they put up with a lot of abuse from the environmental elements.

Mobile Automotive Details

Bronze Package
Silver Package
Gold Package

Recreational Vehicle Cleaning & Detailing

RV Brush Wash – $8 per linear foot
RV Basic Hand Wash – $13 per linear foot
RV Wash & Wax – $18 per linear foot
RV Complete Exterior Detail – Requires Estimate

Hydrophobic Glass Coatings

For the everyday driver, you will see safety, maintenance, and protection benefits. This coating will increase visibility during rain, day and night. Because of the increased visibility, the reaction time while driving (on average) improves by 34% in inclement weather.

Headlight & Trim Restoration

We now offer lifetime headlight restorations! We perform our headlight restorations by completely removing the oxidized layer of plastic on your headlight.

Expert Paint Correction & Protection

Paint correction comes in many forms, with polishing, compounding, and wet sanding being the most common. Here at Palm Wash we always start with the least aggressive and work our way to the appropriate method.

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