Recreational Vehicle Cleaning & Detailing


RV Basic Wash – $12 per linear foot

Regular cleaning of an RV is necessary to its longevity of use. Properly maintaining your RV will ensure years of enjoyment, without the worry of degradation. We recommend a basic RV wash once a month in our climate to ensure it is free of contamination that could etch its way into your clear coat.

  • Clean wheels and tires

  • Exterior hand wash - with a microfiber mitt

  • Force air dry the majority of water out of cracks and crevices (some water will remain on certain RV’s)

  • Dress tires

  • Clean exterior windows


RV Wash & Wax – $17 per linear foot

5th Wheel Camper

Having the Wash & Wax performed will ensure your RV stays protected in between cleanings. Having the protection on your RV will act as a barrier, which will greatly reduce the chance of contamination becoming an issue down the road. We strongly recommend having your RV washed in between wax services to flush the contamination away.

  • Everything in the Basic Wash plus:

  • Wax painted surfaces

  • Wash roof and air conditioner covers

  • Apply protectant to rubber & vinyl roofs


RV Complete Exterior Detail – $30 per linear foot

RV Bus

Want to take your RV to a higher level of clean and protection? The RV Complete Exterior Detail is designed for customers who expect nothing but the best for their vehicles. If you use your RV to travel for work, travel for fun, or just live in it year round, this service will keep your RV looking great and protected from the harsh environment you travel in. With our RV detail, you will have minor paint issues corrected, then followed up by a 6 month sealant which will make future washes and care easier. This service is recommended every 6 months.

  • Everything in the Wash & Wax plus:

  • Clay painted surfaces

  • Clean cockpit area (if equipped)

  • Polish sides, front and back

  • Apply sealant for longer protection

*Add a one year Semi-Permanent Coating to this complete service for an additional $20 per linear foot*