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Restoration Detail Services – That Like New Feeling | Palm Wash
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Charleston, SC & Surrounding Areas office@palmwash.com (843) 834-0307 Mon - Fri: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm

Restoration and Preservation Services

Our restoration and preservation services are a great way to bring your vehicle back to life and keep it that way. Things like unsightly swirls in paint, cloudy headlights, faded trim, and stained carpet can cause a vehicle to look much older. Hiring a professional to restore and preserve these areas ensures the least aggressive method possible is used in the restoration process. Additionally the preservation process will make sure the restoration looks its best for years to come.

Whether you drive your car daily, use it as a weekend toy, or drive commercially for a living; our glass coating will have significant benefits for you.

For the everyday driver, you will see safety, maintenance, and protection benefits. This coating will increase visibility during rain, day and night. Because of the increased visibility, the reaction time while driving (on average) improves by 34% in inclement weather. There are also many benefits to maintenance. Because the glass is flat, (meaning on a microscopic level the windshield no longer has ridges and valleys for bugs, dirt, and other environmental contaminants to stick to) it is easier to clean, protects against water staining, and mineral spotting, which is very common due to the sprinklers in our local neighborhoods. Also, washer fluid and wiper blade action will remove bug guts; no longer will you smear them around.

Hydrophobic Glass Coating

For Classics and Show Cars, you will see the same benefits, however, as it relates to your use of the car here are some added benefits: If you have removed your wipers or they are finicky or do not operate quickly, you’re in luck. You will not even need your wipers to drive through the heaviest of rains storms. Because classic automotive glass can be hard to find, you will also have the benefit of reduced road damage to the windshield; this is because now that the windshield surface is “flat” rocks and debris are more likely to skip across the windshield much like skipping stones on a pond (it is not a guarantee that you can not get a rock chip, it is just less likely). If you are showing your car, the coated glass will look better. Much like the paint on your vehicle, the smoother it is, the clearer it appears.

Fleet and commercial vehicles will see the same benefits from the coating. The important ones for our fleet customers are Increased reaction time in inclement weather, reduced glare both day and night and because bugs and debris are less likely to stick, the glass will stay cleaner longer.

Headlight Restorations

We are proud to offer our lifetime headlight restorations! We perform our headlight restorations by completely removing the oxidized layer of plastic on your headlight. We then smoothe it out and apply a clear coat for shine and protection. Our lifetime headlight restorations are backed with a nationwide guarantee, so even if you move away from us, you’re in the clear!
Pricing varies depending on the vehicle and actual condition of the headlights.

Before Trim RestorationAfter Trim Restoration

Trim Restoration

Have you ever noticed that the trim on a vehicle that is only a few years old just doesn’t look good anymore? Maybe even your vehicle has this common concern. This happens because as the vehicle ages unprotected trim will start to oxidize. This process can be prevented with protection, but once it starts the only way back is through restoration. We restore these trim pieces with a product that attacks the oxidation, darkens and deepens the look of the trim and protects it. If you restore your trim and do nothing else to protect it, we will guarantee it for one year. If you protect your trim periodically, there should be no need for restoration again!

Pricing varies depending on the amount of trim and number of coats expected to bring it back.

Chemical Decontamination

Did you know the paint on your vehicle is soft and malleable? It is, and has to be. When temperatures rise your vehicles body panels will actually expand slightly, if your paint was not soft and malleable it would start to fail as this expansion and contraction take place.

With soft, malleable paint – contamination can easily bond to the clear coat or even worse penetrate the clear coat and become embedded. Over time the contamination that is embedded into the paint will weaken the clear coat.

Think of a boat on the water and think of the contamination on a larger scale. If you have contamination that keeps sticking in, not on, the boat eventually the boats hull will be weakened to failure.

There is only one way to remove contamination that is in, not on, the clear coat. We use a chemical process that reacts with the ferrous particles that are embedded. Once this reaction takes place the particulate becomes water soluble so it can be removed by the wash process. In our environment this service should be performed once a year. Our Chemical decontamination is ceramic coating safe.

Chemical Decontamination

Clay Bath

A clay bath will help with the other sources of contamination, the ones that do not embed themselves into the clear-coat instead they spend their time hanging out above the clear-coat on the surface. A clay bath can not only remove everyday contamination that the wash leaves behind, it can also correct a variety of concerns including paint and concrete overspray. If your vehicle feels rough even after it is washed it is time to make an appointment for a clay bath! 

before Engine bay DetailAfter Engine Bay Detail

Engine Bay Detail

Maintaining a clean engine is crucial for maintaining a vehicle. Over time your engine bay can become covered in dust and debris, road film, oil, and fuel.

A clean engine bay is necessary throughout the life of the vehicle but escpecially when going in for a mechanical repair, showing the vehicle, or selling the vehicle. Our engine bay detail is a great way to maintain your engine.

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