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Professional detailing

Mobile Auto Detailing Services in Charleston and Surrounding Areas


Combine any interior & exterior service
and get $20 off!

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Full Detail

Premier Detail

Interior Services

Remove Debris & Trash

Blow Out Dust & Debris

Thorough Vacuuming

Wipe Down All Interior Surfaces

Clean Windows & Mirrors

Deep Cleaning of All Interior Surfaces

Carpet, Seat & Upholstery Shampoo & Extraction

Deep Leather Cleaning & Conditioning

Exterior Services

Thorough Hand Wash

Spray Wax

Rims Cleaned / Tires Shined

Clean Windows & Mirrors

Pick Up Truck – Pressure Wash Bed

Vehicle Clay Barred

Decontaminate Wheels

Liquid Sealant Application for 6 Months Protection

Pick Up Truck – Hand Scrub Bed

Combine any interior & exterior service
and get $20 off!


In order to protect your vehicle’s resale value and preserve its look and feel, you should have your vehicle fully detailed twice a year.  Also let’s be honest, it is awesome having a clean car!

Yes, we are fully insured.

Car washes specialize in high-volume jobs and have very low attention to detail. Their goal is to finish the job as fast as possible, which is why they cause so much damage to your vehicle.

As your vehicle drives through, all of the dirt from the ground and walls is splashed onto your vehicle and scrubbed into the paint by the rough cleaning brushes. The brushes used in a car wash are extremely abrasive and not nearly soft enough to be touching your car’s delicate paint. Dirt washed off the cars sits on those brushes all day long and then gets scrubbed onto the next vehicle that passes through. This improper method of cleaning is what causes the infamous swirls in your paint job.

The chemicals used in car washes are often so strong, they can completely remove wax from your vehicle. After your car passes through the car wash, employees use old rags to dry the car off, and at the same time, continue to scrub the dirt that wasn’t completely cleaned off into your paint.

Also, note that self-serve car washes are not any better. The cleaning brushes used there are kept on the dirty ground and used for both your paint and your wheels, the dirtiest part of your vehicle. This transfers harmful and abrasive brake dust onto your paint. Self-serve car washes can cause more damage than a regular car wash can!

In the event of inclement weather, if no covered areas are available, the technician will assess the current climate and if necessary, our scheduling team will work with you to reschedule your appointment.

If you book two or more detailing services for the same appointment, we will take $20 total off your invoice.  (ex. Interior and Exterior detail on the same vehicle or Interior Detail on two different vehicles, etc.)

We are a full service mobile detailing company.  We come to you!  We can detail your vehicle at your home, office or any place that is convenient for you.

Palm Wash promises to leave every customer 100% satisfied.  If for some reason you are disappointed with our service, we want to make it right as soon as possible.  Call or text 843-834-0307 or send an email to within 2 days of your original appointment and our office will promptly work with you to find the best solution.  

If there is ever damage to your vehicle that is caused by a Palm Wash technician, we will work with you to ensure that it is taken care of.

Service times vary based on the service(s) you choose and the condition of the vehicle, including any interior clutter or stains. 

We do not. Our vans are fully self contained, and we bring all of the equipment necessary to complete your appointment.

Once your service has been completed, you will receive an electronic invoice.  You will then submit payment and you will have the opportunity to provide a gratuity for your technician.

Palm Wash accepts all major debit/credit cards: Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express.

No, 100% of any added tip goes directly to your Palm Wash technician.


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