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Expert Paint Correction, Protection & Ceramic Coatings

Paint correction comes in many forms including polishing, compounding, and wet sanding. Here at Palm Wash we always start with the Least Aggressive Method (LAM) working our way up to the best method. It is important to use the LAM to ensure we leave the paint as thick as possible allowing for future corrections without failure of the clear coat.

It is necessary to understand that no two cars are the same, even the same year, make, and model car can have different thickness and hardness to the paint. Because of this, it is crucial to measure the depth of the paint and perform a test section to determine the best method for the vehicle.

For most daily driven vehicles 70-90% paint correction is a desirable level. Correcting beyond 90% is not necessary or advisable for daily drivers because of the amount of time it takes to get above 90% correction increases exponentially. Daily driven vehicles will get scratches from people walking past in parking lots, debris falling from trees, or from cinders/debris coming up off the road.

If you have a show car, exotic, or any other vehicle that is not driven on a daily basis and kept out of the harsh environment that most vehicles see, getting to 90 or 100% correction makes more sense.

Why hire a professional?

Did you know the painted surface on your vehicle is the most costly part of the vehicle to “replace” (properly) should your vehicle need a repaint down the road. Common concerns we see are swirls, holograms, etch marks from bird droppings, sap, water-spots, bug guts, faded (single stage) paint, delaminating clear/base coats and rock chips.

We can take care of most of the issues using the Least Aggressive Method (LAM) possible – which will ensure the healthy paint stays on the vehicle making it possible to correct any future issues without causing premature failure. If your hiring a detailer it is ideal to make sure they use the LAM process.

The only issue we cannot take care of is delaminating clear coat, once this starts a repaint is the only proper way to correct the concern.

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Least Aggressive Method First


With our water-based polish, we can correct most paint defects and provide a fantastic shine at the same time. Our polish does not include any paint protection which means it is designed to do one thing really well: correct paint. After we correct the paint we apply our sealant which lasts for six months. Coatings are also available after correction.


If the defects in your paint are more complex then what our polish can correct, or the polish takes too long, we may choose to use our compound to properly remove the defects before following it up with our polish to remove any minor compound marks. Compounding is not something you would plan for or, necessarily need in a detail. We inform our clients when this step is necessary.

Wet Sanding

Much like the compounding step, we only use this method when required to get the desired results. Imagine having a panel that has swirls on it and maybe a few deep scratches. After polishing the swirls out, we may still see the deep scratches, and if the compound does not work to remove them effectively, we may opt for wet sanding that particular area, although we always try to avoid wet sanding when we can.

Paint protection

Spray Sealant

Our standard spray sealant is used in almost every service except our Silver service. Used as the base protection product on our Maintenance wash and Bronze service and as a final protection product in our gold service, our spray sealant is designed to work well on all types of surfaces from glossy paint, to matte finishes, wraps, plastic trim, and even glass. With our spray sealant your vehicle will shine bright and water beading will give your car that freshly detailed look even in the rain.

AIO (all in one) Polish and Sealant

Our all in one polish and sealant is exactly as it sounds, the diminishing  abrasives in the polish work to correct minor imperfections at or slightly below the clear coat and once the diminishing abrasives have run their coarse the sealant works to protect the paint that has just been shined up. This is not a substitute for a full paint correction; however, it will leave the vehicle looking great and protected.

This product also hides some of the deeper scratches, making it an excellent choice for customers who want some protection and a better overall look but are not concerned with fully correcting the paint.

Long Term Sealant

Our long term sealant is the step between our standard wax or sealant and a Ceramic coating. This sealant offers superior protection for 6-12 months (depending on how the vehicle is cared for and operated).

This sealant offers many of the same benefits as a Ceramic Coating at a fraction of the cost; however, this sealant does not form a semi-permanent bond with the paint – which means it is subject to being rinsed off overtime by rain and washes where a Ceramic coating will not. While it wont last as long you will still experience long term protection, water beading, and ease of maintenance while the sealant is lasting.

Ceramic Coating

Our Ceramic Coating service provides 3 years of unsurpassed protection. When adequately maintained you can expect to see 5 or more years of protection.

With our Ceramic Coatings your vehicles painted surfaces will be protected long term from damaging UV rays and environmental contamination.

Environmental contamination can include things like water spots (created from hard minerals in the water), bird droppings, acid rain, etching from bugs or sap and micro-marring from normal hand washing.

Our Ceramic Coating service will also make washing your vehicle easier and keep it looking great – even when it is in need of a wash!

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