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Consultation for RV detailing – $150

RV Brush Wash – $15 per linear foot

Regular cleaning of an RV is necessary for its longevity. Skipping regular cleanings of your RV can lead to degradation and oxidation of the finish. So while brush washing an RV may cause long-term issues, such as scratching and swirling, it is still better than doing nothing at all.

Also, we understand that some of our current clients and prospective clients do not need the finish to look its best, but are more concerned with getting the grime associated with our environment off of the RV.

Clean wheel face and tires
Exterior brush wash
Clean exterior windows

Recently detailed camper van

Microfiber Mitt Wash – $25 per linear foot

Properly maintaining your RV will ensure years of enjoyment without the worry of degradation. We recommend our Microfiber Mitt Wash once a month. Especially in our climate, this will ensure your rig remains free of contamination that could etch its way into your clear coat or gel coat.

  • Clean wheels, tires, and wheel wells
  • Wash the roof and air conditioning covers
  • Exterior Microfiber Mitt Wash
  • Force air dry the majority of water out of cracks and crevices (some water will remain on certain RVs)
  • Dress tires
  • Clean exterior windows

Wash & Wax – $40 per linear foot

A Wash & Wax  will not only clean up your vehicle but it will also protect if from oxidizing in the short term.

Having this protection on your RV will act as a barrier, which will also greatly reduce the chance of contamination becoming an issue down the road.

We strongly recommend having your RV washed in between wax services to flush the contamination away. We also recommend having this service performed quarterly or twice a year.

Everything in the Basic Wash plus:

  • Machine applied cleaner wax
  • Buffed off with a soft microfiber towel
  • Protectant to rubber & vinyl roofs
Detailed RV Camper

Restoration Detail – Requires Consultation

Our restoration details are so specific to each vehicle there is no way to determine price without seeing the RV.

When we perform the consultation we discuss all of your concerns, perform the appropriate test spots and develop a plan of action to restore your RV to its glory. Before leaving your location we will provide an emailed digital estimate of service.

Most restoration details take several days to complete.

A Restoration Detail could include the following:

  • Clay painted surfaces
  • Polish painted surfaces
  • Compound painted surfaces
  • Wet sanding painted surfaces
  • Restoration of trim
  • Application of a long term sealant (6-9 months protection)

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