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Mobile Marine Detailing

Consultation required for marine detailing – $150

Whether you boat for fun or for your livelihood, taking care of your boat is very important. Boats are expensive to purchase and maintain, especially because they put up with a lot of abuse from the environmental elements such as UV rays and harsh salt water.

If your boat is not taken care of, you may find yourself wasting money repainting it sooner than you thought or wasting money on fuel because a dirty hull can cause more drag. Any way you think about it, boat detailing is a necessary part of owning a boat. Detailing regularly will ensure your boat shines in or out of water, and will help protect the gel coat.

Because boats vary in size and complexity determining an accurate price does require a consultation. With the consultation we will come out and meet with you and your vessel. We will be prepared to discuss all of your concerns as well as taking photographs for documentation. After reviewing all of your concerns we will perform any test spots necessary to determine best course of action. Finally, we will provide a digital estimate of the service to be performed for your review.


Please note: We do not work on boats that are not on dry land, either in a work rack or on a trailer. We also cap the length of boat we will work on to about 30’ with some exceptions being made.

Basic Wash

Performing a basic boat wash is the most necessary step in keeping your vessel clean. We recommend performing a basic boat wash after each use of the boat.

A typical boat wash would include a thorough wash of the hull, gunwales, inner walls, non skid and vinyl seating surfaces.

Wash & Wax

As mentioned in the Basic wash section, regular cleaning of your boat will make sure nothing becomes bonded to the surface that would need correcting later.

Spending the time to properly wash the boat is important almost as important as a regular waxing of the boat. Boats are subject to a lot of abuse in or out of the water. A boat that is not protected from this abuse will age quicker becoming  oxidized giving it that dull and chalky appearance. A regular waxing of the boat will help to prevent this premature aging.

When performing a wash and wax we wax all surfaces of the boat including hull, gunwales, motor cover, inner walls, and nonskid. We recommend waxing your boat quarterly to make sure the protection does not lapse.

Restoration Detail

Do you want your boat to really stand out in the crowd? A restoration detail will not only clean and protect the boat but it will also recondition many aspects of the boat including the hull, gunwales, bright work, vinyl, non skid, eisenglass and plexiglass.

The restoration detail is designed for customers who expect nothing but the best for their boats. If you use your boat for work, fishing, or recreation, this service will keep it looking great and protected from the harsh environment it is operated in.

We recommend a restoration detail on some boats annually while others only when necessary. With the consultation we will be sure to discuss our recommendations with you.

A restoration detail could include the following:

Wet sanding hull and gunwales as necessary
Compound hull and gunwales as necessary
Polish hull and gunwales as necessary
Your choice of Sealant or coating

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