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Maintenance Wash Program

Welcome to the Maintenance Wash Program – page. If you are here it means you have likely had a more comprehensive detail service performed by us, are thrilled with the results and want to keep your vehicle looking its best throughout your ownership.

To be eligable for our Maintenance Wash Program you must have had a comprehensive detail service completed, or the vehicle must be relatively new and in great condition. This will ensure we have a clean baseline to maintain. If you have not had a detail performed by us then you need to visit our detailing page.

Maintenance Wash Program
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Vehicles are expensive and most people know they need to maintain the mechanical side of their vehicle to ensure long life; but what about the appearance?

Even though the mechanical maintenance is almost second nature for most, often the vehicles appearance is neglected. When a vehicles appearance is neglected the vehicle will require more invasive reconditioning procedures, that is unless it is too late for reconditioning leading to a complete repair.

If your changing your oil regularly to ensure the motor does not fail then you should also be concerned with the finished surfaces to ensure a costly repair is not in the future for your vehicle.

Vehicles come with all types of surfaces to be concerned with; paint, plastic, carbon fiber, leather, carpet, faux suede, vinyl, glass, and more. Each surface requires cleaning and protection regularly to ensure they last for years. If these surfaces are neglected they could lead to repairs that could be more costly than a motor or transmission. Furthermore, repairs hurt resale value if they end up on a carfax or can be seen with the naked eye. Our maintenance wash program solves this issue with regular cleanings and light corrections as needed.

Keeping your vehcile clean and protected has many benefits including higher resale value and a better ownership experience – it also just feels good to drive a clean car. Also, Enrolling your vehicle into the maintenance wash program today can eliminate the need for a more in depth detail as we are quick address potential Problems. With all this, Its no wonder our maintenance clients fell in love with our services and continue to use our maintenance program.

Maintenance Wash Program Details

How does the Maintenance Wash Program work?

When you trust Palm Wash to maintain the appearance of your vehicle we treat the vehicle as if it were our own. When small issues arise such as a light spill, or a small scuff we address it immediately and include it in your Maintenance cost. If there is a larger issue (that requires more time) we will discuss it with you and put it on the schedule for the next appointment (larger concerns may cost additional depending on the concern).

We offer a few options when it comes to frequency of service. You will have the option of weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. Once you have enrolled int he maintenance program we will block off time on our schedule for your maintenance service. Because we have many maintenance clients and a recurring appointment can fall on the same day as another, the appointments are flexible on our end. If you have no flexibility please notify us and we will make a note and do our best to keep consistent with your request.

*Vehicles enrolled in the maintenance program must be cleaned at least once a month to qualify for the maintenance program pricing. If a month is missed due to weather or an uncontrollable event, we will still honor the maintenance program pricing and structure. If more than a month is missed, the vehicle will have to have at least a Bronze Service completed before being reenrolled.

Included in our Maintenance Wash Program:
  • Exterior gentle hand wash
  • Wheels, Tires, Wheel wells, thoroughly Cleaned
  • Remove bugs, and tar
  • Spray sealant for shine and continued protection
  • Condition Tires
  • Wash and wax door jambs
  • Interior vacuum including trunk
  • Dashboard  and cup holders wiped clean
  • Spot cleaning of small stains and spills
  • Windows cleaned inside and out

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