Glass Coatings

Glass Coating

After a night of raining, I walked out to my van to find a bug taking refuge on the coated side of the windshield. 


Glass Coating

Whether you drive your car daily, use it as a weekend toy, or drive commercially for a living; our glass coating will have great benefits for you. 


For the everyday driver, you will see safety, maintenance, and protection benefits. This coating will increase visibility rain, shine, or dark. because of the increased visibility the reaction time while driving is (on average) improves by 34% in inclement weather. There are also a lot of benefits for maintenance. Because the glass is flat, meaning on a microscopic level the windshield no longer has ridges and valleys for bugs, dirt, and other environmental contaminants to stick to, it is easier to clean, protects against water staining, and mineral spotting, which is very common due to the sprinklers in our local neighborhoods. Also, washer fluid and wiper blade action will remove bug guts, no longer will you just smear them around. 


For Classics and Show Cars, you will see the same benefits, however, as it relates to your use of the car here are some added benefits. If you have removed your wipers or they are finicky or do not operate quickly you're in luck, you will not even need your wipers to drive through the heaviest of rains storms. Because classic automotive glass can be hard to find, you will also have the benefit of reduced road damage to the windshield, this is because now that the glass is "flat" rocks and debris are more likely to skip across the windshield much like skipping rocks on a pond. This is not a guarantee that you can not get a rock chip, it is just less likely. If you are showing your car, the coated glass will just look better. This has to do with the way light is reflected or absorbed into the glass. Much like the paint on your vehicle, the smoother it is the clearer it looks. 


Fleet and commercial vehicles will see the same benefits from the coating. The important ones for our fleet customers are Increased reaction time in inclement weather, reduced glare both day and night and because bugs and debris are less likely to stick, the glass will stay cleaner longer.