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Paint Inspection
Mobile Consultation $150

Having us come to your location for a consultation is a great way to make sure we are on the same page before a detail appointment and allow us to inspect your vehicle for a more accurate quote.

During your consultation we will perform a simple wash* on your vehicle so we can inspect the paint and give our absolute best recommendation for your vehicle.

With our inspection we include detailed paint depth measurements, inspection photos, a complete review of the interior, exterior, engine bay, and a detailed estimate with our recommendations.

We will credit the cost of the consultation toward the service should you decide to move forward with the work.

Estimates provided are good for 45 days from the consultation.

*A simple wash is defined as a quick wash to the body panels only; no wheels, tires, or wheel wells are cleaned. During the consultation, no other aspect of the vehicle is cleaned unless it is necessary to the quoting process. 




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