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Car Collections

Here at Palm Wash, we understand what its like to care for valuable car collections. When you have us clean, correct, and protect your collection, you will free up your time to enjoy the collection the way you want to, whether that is driving or showing it you will not have to worry about cleaning it. Because these vehicles often have expensive or irreplaceable paint, we provide the utmost attention and care while handling your collection. We offer a variety of services from maintenance cleanings to show car and restorative detailing services. Because these vehicles and services can vary greatly, we will provide consultation before the corrective detail.

Inspecting Paint
Here we are inspecting the paint for unsightly scratches and swirls.


The first thing we do to service your car collection is to perform a consultation. When we show up for the initial consultation, we will start with a conversation on what you do with your collection, how you like to enjoy it, and what concerns you currently have with the collection. We will then take a look at the cars and make all the recommendations we have at that time. Finally, we come up with a plan to clean, correct, protect, then maintain the collection. Our initial consultation may take upwards of an hour or two as we like to be as thorough as possible.

Here we are removing contaimination from a Jaguar by claying the overspray off the painted surfaces.

Corrective Service

After our consultation, we will come out and perform the corrective service where we execute the plan put into place with the initial consultation. During this visit, we will correct the issues agreed upon, then protect all surfaces of the vehicles. The first detail may take a day or a couple of weeks depending on the size and complexity of your collection.

After the consulation and correction steps the maintenance program begins


After we perform the corrective service, we will implement the maintenance portion of the plan. The agreed upon maintenance schedule could include us coming out on a regular basis or before shows to make sure the vehicles shine their best. If you prefer to maintain your cars your self, we will help you with product and equipment selection as well as brief training on how to best care for your fine automobiles. It is our goal to give you the tools and resources to fit your needs and collection throughout. Finally, even if you are maintaining the collection yourself, we will set up a visit with you once every six months to ensure the vehicles are still in great shape by inspecting them as we did in our initial consultation.

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